East Coast Ramps Up Offshore Wind Power Capacities

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American Superconductor
Image: amsc.com

With extensive experience in the semiconductor supply sphere, Angelo Santamaria has served as vice president of American Superconductor. Also holding responsibilities as general manager of the American Superconductor’s Wires business unit, Angelo Santamaria engaged in guiding global manufacturing operations.

One area of leadership focus was on wind turbines designs that drove efficiencies and revenue expansion within competitive markets. The wind energy market is one that continues to grow in the United States, even in the face of a momentum shift that has witnessed President Donald Trump urging increases in natural gas and coal production.

At the forefront of this focus is Massachusetts, with the state’s Department of Energy Resources taking proactive steps to comply with a mandate signed by the Governor last year to achieve 1,600 megawatts in offshore wind power over the next decade. In a recent bid, Eversource Energy and National Grid Plc, and Unitil Corp. submitted proposals to purchase up to 800 megawatts in offshore wind energy. This comes in the wake of the December Rhode Island opening of a 30 megawatt installation that represents America’s first ever offshore wind farm. Other such projects are slated to for locations off of New York and the North Carolina coast.