How You Can Contribute to the Conservation of Fresh Water

Oasys Water pic

Oasys Water

The former vice president of the Massachusetts-based company American Superconductor, Angelo Robert Santamaria is an experienced executive within the global manufacturing industry. After his role with American Superconductor, Angelo R. Santamaria served as the vice president of global manufacturing operations for Oasys Water, a technology company that produces industrialized wastewater treatment products.

The treatment of industrialized wastewater is an important component of maintaining the health of the Earth’s fresh water sources, including lakes and rivers, which make up about 15 percent of the planet’s surface area. The world’s stores of fresh water are at risk due to threats posed by the growing human population, unsustainable water use, climate change, and industrial exploitation. While there are many non-profit groups dedicated to the conservation of water, there are certain actions that individuals can take in their own homes in order to contribute personally to the protection of fresh water.

According to an article published by National Geographic, taking actions like decorating the front and backyard of a home with plants native to the area can be a helpful way to conserve water. This is especially true for those who live in desert climates, where keeping a non-native plant alive can require an exorbitant amount of water on a daily basis.

Another simple way to conserve water is to install low-flow shower heads in the home, and to turn the tap off while washing dishes or brushing one’s teeth. Additionally, the article suggests that leaky faucets should always be fixed promptly, as an unfixed faucet may cause 10 or more gallons of unnecessary water loss per day.


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