Fresh Water is More Important Today than Ever

Oasys Water pic

Oasys Water

Angelo Robert Santamaria is a business executive who formerly worked for the American Superconductor in Devens, Massachusetts. In his most recent position, Angelo R. Santamaria operated as the vice president of global manufacturing operations for the forward osmosis technology company, Oasys Water.

Oasys Water focuses on the provision of forward osmosis technology to treat industrial wastewater in the United States and China. The company’s aim is to use creative solutions for high recovery desalination to supplement the world’s diminishing supply of fresh water.

Though scientists and researchers have no definite way to determine the future of the world’s natural water resources, factors such as climate change and increasing demand from a growing world population are projected to create a scarcity of fresh water. In the last several years, drought, overuse of natural resources, and rising temperatures have caused fresh water problems for people in many countries, including Brazil, Iran, and the United States. Data collected by the UN suggests that current water usage trends are unsustainable. They project that in the next 13 years, the world will only maintain three-fifths of the amount of water that it needs if current methods of use continue.